Are you able to close your hand, but have difficulty trying opening your hand back out?

Can you reach for a cup, but have problems trying to open your fingers to grab it?

Or perhaps you can hold an item but letting it go again can be tricky. Either way, it makes it a frustrating time for yourself!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a little glove you could slip on, that would help you to open your hand and pull back your fingers? Well, there is! It’s name is the SaeboGlove. 

As the name suggests, the SaeboGlove is a sleek little glove that have has small rubber bands over the back of the finger joints and knuckles of the hand, which once the hand is relaxed, helps to open the hand. With the glove on, your hand and fingers can be opened so they are in position to grab your water bottle, and once you are ready, the bands help your fingers to release the water bottle again. A task which previously might have been too difficult, all of a sudden can be achievable.

Check out how it works on one of our client in the videos below.


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