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  • Lower limb paresis or flaccid paralysis e.g. due to post-polio syndrome¸stroke¸Multiple Sclerosis or traumatic paresis including paraplegia
  • The user must fulfil the physical and mental requirements for perceiving optical/acoustic signals and/or mechanical vibrations.
  • The presence of existing muscle strength at the hip to permit the controlled swing-through of the lower limb (compensation using the torso is possible).


The microprocessor-controlled C-Brace leg orthosis is the first and only of its kind. It provides capacity for entirely new opportunities for stability and freedom of movement. Sitting down in a controlled manner, walking on uneven terrain, going up and down slopes and inclines, descending stairs step-over-step.

The advanced C-Brace technology enables it to respond to everyday situations in real-time.

This provides the user with increased safety, stability, and confidence in their everyday life. Using a smartphone, the user can change settings, such as changing to cycling mode, providing greater freedom to engage with activities that they enjoy.


Momentum provides the most comprehensive ortho-mechanical rehabilitation services, including a team of health professionals to assess, prescribe, recommend, and support you to achieve your aspirations.

Comprehensive provision of an orthosis, like the C-Brace, doesn’t just start and finish with an excellent Orthotist. It includes experienced Physiotherapists and Allied Health Assistants to ensure you receive the training required to use the advanced features of this life changing device.