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Specific, high intensity exercise is a very effective treatment for Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  The latest research in Physiotherapy for PD from the University of Canberra (Allyson Flynn) indicates that different types of therapy are suitable depending on the stage of PD.  At Momentum, we offer one on one assessment and treatments that are holistic, comprehensive, and supportive of your unique goals.  We will assess you carefully and prescribe a suitable level of exercise to match your current and long-term functional targets.

LSVT BIG is a Parkinson’s specific Physiotherapy program developed in the United States, promoting large, powerful movements to improve your body’s motor function and coordination.  The outcomes of LSVT BIG can be remarkable and tap into the principles of Neuroplasticity (changing the brain and nervous system by changing how it is being used).

Momentum’s LSVT BIG classes run in a fun and friendly atmosphere at a moderate to high level of intensity.

Our regular one-hour class runs at 8.30am on Wednesday mornings and costs $60 per person.

Alternative times may be available, depending on demand.

The classes are run by a LSVT-accredited Neurological Physiotherapist who will provide support and feedback throughout your attendance.

For your assessment, please book online now.

My LSVT Experience at Momentum

“I first did my LSVT BIG training in April 2015.  LSVT BIG has given me a lot of confidence in my general movement ability.  As a result, I am more confident with my fitness.When I was reviewed by my specialist recently, he gave me the following feedback “if I didn’t know you had Parkinson’s I wouldn’t be able to pick it”.  Coming from I specialist I was especially pleased.  I haven’t had to change my medication since doing the program and I attribute this to the ongoing work of performing LSVT BIG every day.

I have observed that I have greater flexibility than a lot of my peers who do not have PD.  I find it easy to keep doing the exercises, however it was hard work in the begging.  Since I have learnt to move BIG, I have managed to incorporate this into my everyday life.  I have more confidence to do things around the house like picking up a recently boiled kettle.  I am more in touch with my physical abilities and can cope with bush walks and adventures on holidays with my husband.  I love the social element of our LSVT BIG class.”


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