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Making a Decision: The First Step to Moving Forward

Scott Layne was faced with a tough decision 6 years ago, as many amputees are. He has had his ups and downs, but considers himself lucky to have the improved prosthetics technologies, his family and Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation’s Prosthetic team’s valuable techniques. The comfort of wearing his prosthesis has been paramount, and Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation makes regular adjustments to ensure the fit and function is as close to perfect a possible.

Starting on the Path to Independence – the journey

The first few moments of every day I feel “normal.” Those hazy minutes between waking and getting out of bed are a poignant reminder of a time I only needed coffee, not crutches, to start my day. I almost forget my physical limitations, which just adds to the struggle to pull myself up and join the land of the vertical.

My right leg was amputated above the knee just under 6 years ago. I am one of the lucky ones; I came to disability late in life. I never had to navigate growing up, getting through school, finding romantic partners, or a job with a disability.

The support available, the improved technologies, social acceptance, education, and visibility have all made it much easier to live life with an amputation. It’s not all bad. No, it’s not all bad, but it is hard. It is stressful, depressing, and it is exhausting.

How you choose to face the hard bits is unique to you. I never thought of myself as a particularly tough or strong person. I am, however, resilient, or stubborn as my mum would say. My failings are on daily display to those who know me best. I get through each day as best I can – what real alternative is there?

I am faced with a choice, a choice I must make again and again for the remainder of my life. A choice to push through the pain and discomfort, to ignore my fears, to ignore the side eyes and curious glances, to find the reserves of energy that will get me through what I need to do. Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like life in general, but in “hard” mode.

The psychological impact of disability can easily overwhelm. It colours everything you see and do. Mental health has been in the spotlight for the last few years, with all manner of celebrities and organisations throwing their weight around to raise awareness. But what lies beyond awareness?

R U OK? Well, it’s complicated. Now what?

Prosthetic Technologies and Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation’s techniques

There are some basic truths I’ve had to face. After an amputation, there is no getting back to “normal”. Normal is in the rear-view mirror. Normal is in a galaxy far, far away. I have a new normal, which can include isolation, fatigue, frustration, depression, mood swings, phantom pain, and reduced self-confidence.

So far it sounds bleak and miserable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The first step is acknowledging these new barriers. From that point you can start to manage and overcome them. Everyone needs someone to lean on from time-to-time and for me, that was Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation.

The comfort of wearing my prosthesis has been paramount Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation’s makes regular adjustments to ensure the fit and function is as close to perfect as possible. Dealing with the physical impact of an amputation is only half the battle, but every small win pays out double.

Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation’s team taught me valuable techniques and helped me develop muscle memory to use my prosthesis to the best of my ability. I learned to fall safely using ninjitsu techniques. Group physio sessions allowed me to compare my skills to others in the same boat, ask questions and in turn share my experiences.

As with any serious challenge giving yourself time to adapt, to make mistakes, and to learn is critical. Give yourself time to grow stronger and let those around you help.

To be honest, I don’t always know where I’m headed, I’m not always prepared and I still have bad days, but I’m not chasing an unobtainable “normal” that no longer applies to me.

 Success Stories Like Scott’s Happen Every Day!

We’re thrilled to report that Scott’s success story is just one of many that our team members witness every day. So, for others in the Canberra area seeking specialised prosthetic-and-amputee care like Scott needed, don’t hesitate to contact our Momentum Sports and Rehabilitation team as soon as possible. Meanwhile, anyone can reach out to staff members at (02) 6210 0060 to ask questions or schedule an in-person appointment.