Occupational Therapy
at Momentum

Momentum offers enhanced multi-disciplinary care with occupational therapy services for adults.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapists assist clients to maximise function and independence through a range of interventions, often provided in the home setting. Available services include:

An assistive technology assessment will help you identify suitable adaptive equipment and devices to enable greater independence in performing daily activities or to remove barriers to participation in home, community and work life.  An assessment report can be provided if required to assist with funding applications.
Changes to the home environment can make a big difference to your safety and ability to undertake daily activities.  The occupational therapist will assess you within your home and make recommendations to improve access, reduce risks and maximise your function.  A report would typically be completed and consultation with an accredited builder can be facilitated as required.

In order to set goals for therapy, identify care needs, or assess functional capacity, an assessment of your daily living skills (ADLs) may be undertaken. This can be used to plan for service provision, evaluate progress and to provide evidence of your disability. Daily living skills include all of the activities you undertake on a daily basis, such as:

  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Cleaning and laundering
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • Mobility and the ability to transfer
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Ability to manage finances
  • Management of medications
  • Home and garden maintenance

ADL therapy can include developing skills and capacity, learning new techniques, adapting the task requirements, training and practice in using aids and devices, and applying gains made in a therapy setting to the actual task e.g. increased standing tolerance applied to standing at the kitchen bench to cook.

Having an occupational therapist visit the workplace to provide education, adjust equipment and provide advice can help reduce the likelihood of occupational strain injuries.  Emphasis is placed on developing the capacity of staff to self-monitor and manage their ergonomics and well-being in the workplace.  Staff with existing injuries benefit from a more thorough assessment and a report can be provided with specific strategies and equipment recommendations if required.  Contact us to discuss the requirements of your organisation.

Who can access occupational therapy services?

Our occupational therapists work with adult clients with a range of disabilities including physical, intellectual and psychosocial.  Our service can be accessed by NDIS participants, via GP referral under Medicare, or private funding.

Contact us to discuss your eligibility for funding assistance through your insurer or aged care service

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