Prosthetics at Momentum



Our services began in the upper echelon of Australian sport, providing world-class running prostheses to the country’s top athletes.  We are now proud to offer the most technologically advanced prosthetic care in the Canberra region to clients of all ages and abilities.  We take the time to understand your needs and goals so that you receive the device you want – not what you’ve been told you can have.

Prosthetic limb technology is constantly evolving.  Our clinical team keep up-to-date with global developments, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge with the most exciting and functional products and services.

We support all facets of limb provision, from assessment right through to manufacturing, fitting, reviews and maintenance.  We use modern, proven treatments and products to achieve the best possible functional outcomes for your needs.


We provide and support a wide variety of prosthetic services, including:

Sport-specific limbs, water-resistant and shower limbs, integration training and ongoing support

Functional everyday limbs, myoelectric and intelligent components, custom covers and advanced interface technologies

Functional and cosmetic devices, pressure offloading devices, toe filler orthotics

Cosmetic limbs, mechanical hands and hooks, myoelectric devices, and functional aids

Cosmetic replacement, as well as functional myoelectric and mechanical devices

Limb difference supports, functional aids, carer support and training

Local adjustment and maintenance of external osseointegration componentry


We are unique in our approach to prosthetic service provision – we see functional training as a crucial part of fitting any new device.  Overuse injuries and physical compensations are part of day-to-day life for most amputees, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your new device through physical training, with the option of targeted physiotherapy if desired.  This approach has already helped many of our clients achieve greater function, safety, confidence and satisfaction than ever before.


Servicing and maintenance is a crucial part of keeping any prosthesis functioning at its peak.  We provide maintenance, repairs, and adjustments to keep you moving and performing your best.

We stock a range of parts and products to ensure you receive the most responsive, efficient service in the region.  Where appropriate, we also provide education for self-maintenance of devices to reduce down-time if something unexpectedly goes wrong.