Medical Footwear at Momentum

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Your feet are one of your most valuable assets – poor management or a sudden injury will have a dramatic effect on your everyday function and mobility. Correct and early management is the key to ensuring you remain active and pain-free.

There are many causes for foot problems: improper foot care, poorly fitting shoes, poor muscle strength or flexibility, posture related problems, and genetics.  Medical footwear and foot orthoses (orthotics, insoles) are commonly used to realign your feet or unload areas of pressure & pain.

With the right shoes and orthotics, you can remain active for longer and reduce your risk of injury.

Momentum provides complete assessments of feet and footwear, ensuring all body structures are taken into consideration.  We also provide a range of foot orthotic devices to match your unique requirements, including corrective, supportive and pressure-relieving options.


Supportive footwear is the most important part in maintaining good long-term foot health. Momentum is excited to offer a range of off-the-shelf and custom made medical footwear options.

Medical grade footwear is designed specifically to support the use of custom orthoses.  This allows greater potential for pressure relief, correction, and support compared to standard footwear.  We stock a wide range of off-the-shelf medical footwear within our clinic, including sandals and lightweight summer options.


For more complex foot shapes we also offer custom footwear.  Unlike other services that take drawings and hand measurements, we use 3D scanning technology to replicate your feet.  This results in a shoe built from the ground up to perfectly fit your unique shape.  With this being a truly custom shoe, you may select almost any style or appearance you like.


Momentum provides full biomechanical assessments for determining if footwear modification may improve your walking function.

Adjustments and modifications to footwear may be necessary to:

  • Correct for a difference in leg length
  • Increase stability and safety during standing and walking
  • Improve the ease of walking
  • Reduce pressure in specific areas of the foot
  • Alter the footwear shape to better match the foot