Upper limb therapy at Momentum



Momentum is a proud provider of upper limb therapy services for people who have experienced an upper limb deficit as a result of a neurological condition.

We work alongside you to help you achieve your goals, and take the time to understand your needs. 

We provide diagnosis and custom designed exercise programs that will help you improve the daily use of your hand/arm.



Momentum offer’s a range of interventions to help people achieve their upper limb goals.

An exercise program can be provided to strengthen the hand muscles to improve functional tasks of the hand such as grasp and release.

CIMT is the gold standard intervention for hand and arm recovery after stroke. It is an intensive two week program with a focus on high repetitions of the hand for brain recovery.

Functional retraining is the retraining of specific tasks which are now problematic as a result of a neurological condition. This involves a customised exercise program to improve a functional task such as reaching for a cup or improving hand writing.

Spasticity is common with neurological conditions and can causing difficulty with using the arm and hand. Customised interventions can be provided to help relax a muscle with spasticity while strengthening opposing muscle groups to improve movement and function of the arm and hand.

Adaptive aids can help achieve independence in daily tasks despite how the arm is currently functioning. Common adaptive aids which improve independence are built up cutlery or modified chopping boards.

Serial casting can be used to extend the benefits of Botulin Toxin in the arm or hand. Serial casting combined with therapy can help the muscle groups stay relaxed for longer and improve the function in the arm/hand.

Splints can be used to help position the hand to prevent contractures or reduce pain.

A customised exercise program can be provided to help improve the dexterity and coordination of the hand to be able to better manipulate items and improve the use of the hand in daily tasks.
Electrical stimulation can be used to help a very weak muscle activate to make it stronger.
The SaeboGlove and SaeboFlex are dynamic splints designed at helping the hand to open to help with re-wiring the brain and improving the functional use of the hand for day to day activities.